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Being a member of the SoCCFA is a significant accomplishment. Your premium certification distinguishes you as a member of a powerful and well-respected professional organization that connects you to a larger worldwide network of financial specialists. This implies that at every point of your career, you'll be in a good position to explore the most intriguing and lucrative options.

Our expanding network of businesses and consultants broadens your opportunities to collaborate with fascinating clients on challenging projects.

SoCCFA offers free membership. You will only be charged a commission if you accept one of our projects.

We ask competitive fees between %10-18 Only in case of a successful matching

Our matching procedure guarantees that projects and your qualifications and interests are professional and personal match.

The SoCCFA is home to Somalia's top qualified accountants, financial professionals, and business consultants.

SoCCFA serves as a secondary sales channel for you, allowing you to choose whatever projects you want to accept.